Sunday, 5 May 2013

[Gyan/ Knowledge] Practicing Pentesting Skills

If you are interested in Info Sec like me, you would be needing a wide play ground to test and improve your skills. So, here is a nice offline hacking game, called Damn Vulnerable Web App.
There are other games like mutillidae, Damn Vulnerable Linux, etc (look for more).
To make the installation process easier on a linux machine, I put up a bash script here.
This script uses "root" as user and "toor" as password.
After downloading and saving a copy(on your desktop) of this script you will have to open your terminal, traverse to the Desktop directory and execute (you might need to change the permissions of the script first) the script (follow the below commands).

root@bt~:# cd /root/Desktop
root@bt~:# chmod +x
root@bt~/Desktop:# sh

Now sit back till it is installed, and keep watching.
Once it is done, Open http://localhost/dvwa or on your browser.
The login credentials could be found in the script or you could just bruteforce it :)
Happy Hacking :)

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