Wednesday, 6 August 2014

[Porting to Linux] Youtube Downloader

One of the regular sources of my learning is the internet and the youtube. However, due to a low bandwidth and unstable internet connection (Yes, I am poor dude!) I always download youtube videos and watch them. This was comparatively easier to be done on Windows, however on Kali Linux, I had a million problems trying to download youtube videos. After testing a gazillion software I finally found a software that is easy to install and use (AND COMES WITH PROXY SUPPORT) - Youtube-dl :)

1. Curl(or wget) the website and get the file -
sudo curl(or wget) -o /your/local/directory/youtube-dl

2. Make the file executable
sudo chmod a+x /your/local/directory/youtube-dl

Downloading tutorials using Youtube downloader -
./youtube-dl <youtube video or playlist link here>
If your video download was interrupted (like mine is always), you can use these commands -
-i  => continue downloads that had errors
-c => resume downloads

Youtube-dl is also available for windows users (although I haven't tried it on windows). It shouldn't be much hard for windows. Either it is going to work for them or not going to work. Because troubleshooting in windows is a pain in the Donkey. :P

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