Saturday, 27 July 2013

[Trick] DotA2 Hack - Offline with Bots

So myself being a hardcore DotA2 gamer, I used to get frustrated when my internet connection failed and Valve used to put me into the low priority! So here is to all the hardcore DotA2 gamers.
What motivated me to find this was the 70 days low priority ban I got!
This HACK mainly enables you to play practice games of DotA2 with Bots WITHOUT INTERNET! :D
So here it goes.

  1. Start Steam in offline mode!
  2. Go to the steam library, right click on DotA2 and select properties
  3. Click launch properties and type "-console" in it.
  4. Apply changes and start DotA2 in offline mode!

Once that is done, DotA2 would try loading for sometime and once it is unable to connect, it'd open with a "console" window!
After you reach this stage, you are needed to follow these commands:
sv_lan 1
sv_cheats 1
dota_start_ai_game 1
dota_bot_set_difficulty <0-4>
map <map_name, i.e, "dota.bsp">

Once this is done, your game should load up! And once that is done, you must jump into the All Pick Scene!
Choose your Hero and Game On :D :)