Friday, 23 August 2013

[Trick] [Android] Obtaining IP Address Error

I have been stuck up with a problem on my Android device for a long time. I do not have a wifi router and hence I tried and failed a million times, to share internet via Connectify on my laptop. Unfortunately even Google wasn't able to help solve my problem between the Infinite loop of
"Authenticating"-"Obtaining IP Address"-"Disconnected"-"Scanning".
After a lot of Google-ing I found a couple of softwares like "WiFix", that claim to fix the internet sharing problems like this one! However, due to my immense lack of trust in third party software, I figured it would be good if I myself tried to fix the problems rather than using something that was made by someone other than me!
Ultimately, the fix turned out to be pretty simple. All you need to do, is make your connection static!

On your computer:

Method 1: (recommended)

Open command dos prompt
Type "ipconfig" (at times, people like me have more than a 100 adapter interfaces, in such cases, type "ipconfig | more")
Note down the IP address and subnet mask
Ex: for me, IP is and subnet mask is which also means the prefix value is 24.

Method 2:

Hover your mouse over your connectify and get the IP address! The Subnet Mask however is a standard in most cases.

On your Android Device:

Connect to the connectify SSID.
Go to Advanced Settings.
Check "Static IP"
Enter IP address as last octet (digit) is changed), Subnet Mask on your subnet mask in computer), DNS1:, DNS2:

Edit: Sometimes the gateway is missing from the mobile phone. So basically your PC's wifi IP is your "Gateway" to the internet. For such a scenario, just go ahead and directly enter your PC's IP.

Just this much should help you setup the wifi! Enjoy Browsing the internet from your device :)