Sunday, 9 March 2014

[Gyan/ Knowledge] Indian Hacker Space - Home for fraudsters

In India, it is a sad scenario to see young minds become motivated by what they see in Television. The Social  Media holds the power to brainwash and mobilize anyone, and it is extremely sad to see how the social media takes advantages of its power. A few days back, on the Internet Relay Chat, we were having a conversation about which country had the best hacker. Being a obvious patriot I obviously supported India. But then, suddenly, the entire cyber space go against me calling Indians nothing but a bunch of fraudsters. But why did this happen?
Some time ago, I was having this conversation with this kid. A young mind, extremely enthusiastic about becoming a hacker. Being a hacker enthusiast in your early teens is a incredible thing as long as you are willing to put long hours into it and make it your 1st and foremost commitment. However, this kid was talking something about a certification - A Hacker Certification from a Indian "Premier" Hacker Institute. Ok! Now, this broke all the laws of being a Hacker. Not only does the definition of hacker lose the meaning of "Free Knowledge", but also Institutes terming these certifications as "Ethical Hacking" just abuse the term "HACKING" and are completely ignorant to its ethics.
So how and why did this happen? On talking further to that kid, I realized that he was watching a TV Show called "MTV What the hack" with a person name "Ankit Fadia" often referred as Ankit "Fraud?ya!" on the cyber world. This script kiddie show, encourages young minds to lose the hacker way of gaining knowledge and teaches them to use script kiddie (skiddie) tools leaving them to be ignorant about the "Real Deal" that happens. Yes! Just like the "Anonymous group of Hackers" that are a bunch of script kiddies sitting and using a bunch of tools made by the 1337-Anon hackers, calling themselves "hacktivists" that "take down" websites of the corrupt, ultimately not even knowing what DoS and DDoS are.

The Skiddie Name Ankit "Fraud? Ya!"

In the Hacker world, someone gaining fame as being "one of the best hacker" obviously attracts attention not just from any other single person, but rather a world wide audience and hence people took notice of him and found out this self proclaimed ugly truth. Mr. Fadia, a young hero who "CLAIMS" to have helped a American Intelligence Agency when he was just 14 y/o kid. So believable! Dang! Never knew American Intelligence Agencies took help from 14 y/o who aren't even American Citizen, without any published papers. I guess American standards have too high hopes on Indians that even kids with no proficiency come ahead and get called for classified work. So classified that he can not even name this so called "AGENCY".
This guy published books for hacking with other authors that is dipped in plagiarism from the start to the end. Goes to a extent of having "ethical hacker" certifications under his name. Not sure if his students become elite hackers or just a another bunch of guys who are victimized to social engineering. But full credits to this Fraudster chap for having amazing Social Engineering skills and exploiting media.
This professional hacker that certifies other hacker even holds a record in another field. I guess he is the only hacking certification provider with his own website hacked over and over again.
A full coverage of people of this kind have been done in Errata Charlatan along with all the hacks done to his website.
When you go to Errata, there is one more thing you notice. Among the Authors of hacking books and the number of people who plagiarize materials - India ranks number 1. All of them who are credited in the Indian state and its people thanks to the social media and its coverage, are actually fraudsters and crooks who are disrespected throughout the cyber space.

Stopping these crooks

This is simple! Just start getting more aware and look for fraudsters in and around yourself. And to be a hacker, 1st gain the hacker mindset. Also probably the best tool for starting to learn hacking is "GOOGLE".